Tips for Fighting Up Close for when Things Go Bad

The majority of violent altercations that take place outside the home happen at a distance of just a few feet. Someone who is mugging you or trying to physically assault you is not going to be standing twenty yards away. With that said, drawing your gun and defending yourself at such close quarters can get ugly really fast.

Your assailant may grab your firearm and try to wrestle it away from you, they may be striking at you with their fists or a weapon such as a knife, and they may even render your firearm unable to fire if they grab the slide of a semi-automatic handgun and keep it from racking another shell after the first shot.

With so many ways that a close quarter gunfight can go wrong, it’s important to know how to properly defend yourself with a firearm when your assailant is up close and personal. This type of firearm training is quite a bit different from the typical marksmanship training that involves getting in a good stance and sending accurate rounds downrange, however, it is essential for surviving what could be a very precarious situation.

To learn more about how to properly defend yourself with a firearm when fighting up close, be sure to check out the video below.

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