The Latest Battleground for Your Right to Bear Arms

A responsible gun owner knows a few certain truths. Always assume a gun is loaded, and liberals will never stop trying to take our guns away. They’ll play coy and try to say it’s in your best interests, but we know better. The Marxist state only persists when citizens are disarmed. In this never-ending battle to protect our freedom, we enjoy wins and suffer losses. Unfortunately, the most recent battle was a loss, and it will paint the future of this fight for years to come.

A New Supreme Court Decision

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court made an important decision last week. They refused to rule on an appeal against Maryland’s assault weapons ban. The ban was first passed in 2012 (as a snap decision response to Sandy Hook), and it prohibits the sale of 45 different semi-automatic weapons within the state. It also bans magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

The law was upheld when the appeal reached the 4th Circuit. As judge Robert King put it, “We have not power to extend Second Amendment protections to weapons of war.” This ridiculousness highlights the left’s fundamental misunderstanding of firearms. The “assault weapons” banned by the 2012 law are all designed explicitly for civilian use. Those who understand the law know that this is because “weapons of war” have been outlawed for civilian use for almost a hundred years.

Regardless, the Supreme Court’s refusal to rule on the appeal puts Maryland gun owners in a tough spot. There is no longer an avenue to easily repeal the ban, and it has set precedent in favor of liberal gun haters. You can expect them to pounce.

What Comes Next

Liberals tried circumventing the federal government to ban guns before. In 2008, the Supreme Court ultimately ruled that local governments cannot ban handguns. That setback didn’t last long, and with a perceived victory in the highest court, you can expect the left to try to ban guns at every state and local level they can.

Much like they did with minimum wage, they’ll convince any subgroup possible to get rid of guns with haste, and they will inevitably win in a number of states. They don’t care that all of the evidence is against them. They’re perfectly willing to excuse the fact that the 10 most dangerous cities in America are the ones with the strictest gun control. They are fully indoctrinated in this issue, and reason has gone out the window.

Because of that, it is up to us, the responsible citizens of the country, to meet them on the new battleground. Every state and local municipality is at risk. Get active. Get to the polls. Fight for your rights. It’s going to be a long and difficult struggle.

A Changing Fight

While we meet the left head-on across the country, we also need to consider alternative options. It is currently possible that we could push a Republican Congress to pass legislation that would stop state and local level weapon bans. It’s a bit of a long shot, and it could eventually backfire if the left takes the majorities back, but as things stand we will surely lose ground. Hyper-liberal states like California and Washington are sure to continue to inhibit freedom, and we all know that death tolls will follow.

It’s also important to take a little perspective. While the Supreme Court’s decision is definitely a win for the left, they didn’t actually make a ruling. When it comes to federal law and cases they accept, they are still far more likely to rule in favor of the 2nd Amendment than against it. This is one reason why we should try to push our majorities in Congress while we have them. Anything upheld by the Supreme Court will be harder to overturn down the road.

We also can’t abandon education. The liberal fear of firearms is mostly born of ignorance. If we continue to maintain gun safety and education courses, we can combat these absurd propaganda efforts. Informed minds are the best protection against the left, so keep promoting gun education at every corner. Whether training for a concealed carry permit or staying visible and exercising your right to carry, every effort helps.

~ American Gun News

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