Research Finds Many Americans do not Understand how Strict Gun Control Laws Already are

Amid the cries for stricter gun control laws in the United States, there seems to be an all too common misunderstanding of how strict gun control laws already are. It’s not just everyday citizens who are grossly unfamiliar with the laws that are in place – even politicians in the highest seats of power have demonstrated such confusion.

After the Texas church shooting, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) wrote, “A simple idea: Anyone convicted of domestic abuse should see their rights under the 2nd Amendment severely curtailed.” It turns out, that this is a simple idea – so much so that it’s already the law.

Sen. Schatz isn’t the only Senator to call for laws that already exist. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) recently announced that he and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-New Mexico) were crafting a bill “to prevent anyone convicted of domestic violence — be it in criminal or military court — from buying a gun”. Of course, domestic violence is almost always a felony charge, and it’s already illegal for felons to buy a gun.

The truth is that the list of gun control laws on the books are already extensive, and thus far they have done practically nothing to curtail mass shootings. While more laws is the common, knee-jerk reaction to tragedies that have become all too common, perhaps it’s time we call on our lawmakers to better enforce the laws on the books and explore alternative solutions that might actually stop these shootings from happening.

Check out the latest set of gun control laws Congress is trying to enact in the video below.

~ American Gun News

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