World’s Smallest Pistol

Over the long and varied history of firearms, there’s been a lot of strange and unusual products to come down the pike. This is especially so during the late 1800s and early 1900s before many of today’s proven engineering standards were established. Over the past 150 years or so, gun manufacturers have been in an arms race (pun intended) to fill every possible niche in the self-defense needs of members of the public.

The demands of the public were much greater when it came to unusual weapons like knife/gun combinations and experimental propulsion concepts in the past than they are today. One area where the civilian really needed to see some innovation in the guns marketed to them was concealability. Making a gun concealable means making it small, and small guns lack power. However, the surprise element provided by being easily hidden and quickly accessed can make up for the lack of power.

Therefore, the efforts by gun makers to provide a wide range of options in very small guns have been considerable. There is, of course, the Walther PPK, made famous by the James Bond films. But even this isn’t small enough for some customers. So, the Walther Firearms Company delivered the Walther Model 9- which is quite small indeed- certainly too small for most people.

Still, neither of these famously small pistols quite meets the ultra-small needs of ultra-small shooters like the gun featured in the following video by our new favorite YouTube firearms channel, Forgotten Weapons.

Check out the smallest pistol ever made in the video below

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