With Diversity Among Gun Owners Building it is Time to Stand Together

With the ever-growing number of citizens who are exercising their second amendment right to bear arms, there has been an increase in the variety of guns, gun holsters, and gun accessories available to the growing market. As with anything else this wide range of selection can help gun owners to customize their gun so that it fits perfectly with not only their needs but their personality as well.

How Has Gun Ownership Diversity Increased?

Whether it is for self-defense, hunting, or another type of sport such as target shooting, the gun ownership in this country has become increasingly diverse over the past few years. Since 2007, gun ownership has increased drastically and there are now over 14.5 million handgun permits registered which accounts for a 215% increase. Contrary to what many anti-gun activists may believe, the population that is buying them has become extremely diverse in gender, race, and income levels.

In recent years the number of female gun owners has increased twice as fast as the male population. In the states of Washington and Florida alone, female gun owners now make up 22% of all handgun owners in the state with women in Tennessee accounting for more than 30%. Target shooting in the United States over the past ten years has seen a 56% increase in female shooters and pistol shooting has seen a 75% increase.

There has also been an increase in minority gun ownership in recent years. Gun ownership rates among minorities have increased by 75% which is higher than the average for caucasian handgun owners. It is estimated that over 6% of the adult population in the United States are now permitted gun holders. With this many gun owners and their wide range of backgrounds, gender, and race has been reflected in the offerings by gun shops in both gun options and accessories. It is no surprise that recent gun lines have released handguns with colored and designed grips and other accessories to meet the ever growing and changing gun market.

Stop Gun Shaming

With the increase in diversity among gun design and accessories, there has been an increase in gun shaming. Social media outlets can be the largest vehicles for perpetrating gun shaming by posting negative comments or claiming what “real gun owners” would use or purchase.

It seems that even when looking for legitimate information on guns and accessories to make an informed decision, consumers are being bombarded with negative comments and judgments when they are simply looking to get insight on a particular item. It is veteran gun owners that many of these new owners are looking to for support and legitimate information and often their wisdom and experience is highly valued.

Gun Owners of All Types Should Stick Together

Anti-gun activists have banded together in an effort to limit the second amendment right of this country’s law-abiding gun owners. While there are a large number of gun owners in the United States, there seems to be a great divide between the different types of gun owners. These niche groups are great for information sharing, but when they fight among each other and shame other groups, it feels like the more significant purpose becomes lost.

Veteran gun owners need to be encouraging newbies and helping them find what is the best option for their needs even if their aesthetic or choices do not mesh with their own. In a recent op-ed piece created by Jason J. Brown of the NRA, he was quoted as saying. “Rather than beat up on folks who want a pink pistol or budget AR, we should be working together to beat back gun grabbers and liberal elitists who don’t care what kind of guns we own — as long as they can wrest them away from us for good, it’s all the same to them.”

If gun owners continue to be divided on what guns are acceptable or what guns are appropriate, the group as a whole may begin to falter when it comes achieving what the true goal of all gun owners should be which is to preserve the rights of American citizens to be able to not only carry but choose the gun that will work best for them. When united, the voice of gun owners across the country can begin to demand that their rights be heard all the way in Washington.

~American Gun News

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