Top 5 Guns Not Worth the Money

At a time when politicians and the media are pushing harder than ever to promote an anti-gun agenda, responsible gun owners want to make sure they have what they need to survive a calamity. And of course, they also want the guns that work best for them- whether it’s for hunting or target shooting.

It goes without saying that any time you buy a new gun, you want to get the most bang for your buck. There are a lot of old, new, and strange guns out there that make big promises and that come with very attractive price tags. There’s also a lot of boutique guns on the market designed to lure in the specialty buyers with expensive frills that don’t give you any extra capabilities, unless of course, you’re looking to turn heads at the range.

So in the name of saving you a buck or two, or maybe a few thousand, there’s plenty of guidance out there to be found. You can find a lot of videos and articles about lousy guns that aren’t worth the bullets you feed them- but we’d rather give you something more meaningful.

Here, in our featured video from Honest Outlaw Reviews, the guys at HOR cover the worst value on guns that a discerning firearms enthusiast might actually buy. To be clear, these are not bad guns. They are guns that aren’t worth the price. You’ll also get some helpful suggestions on guns that make a better fit for the role and price range you’re looking for.

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