How to Build a Truly Secret Gun Collection Not Recorded on any Registry

There is plenty of gun control in the United States- as anyone with even a .22 caliber plinking rifle knows. Law abiding gun owners are some of the most stable and responsible citizens- after all- there is no crime on gun ranges. If the leftists were right about guns and their effect on people, ranges would be mini war zones.

But the fact is there is more civility on the gun range than there is on college campuses. If you ask me, a gun range is a far safer space than those provided to today’s college-aged snowflakes.

Despite all this, we know that leftist politicians and those who believe their rhetoric are desperate to place stricter controls on firearm ownership. This has a lot to do with the uneven representation of gun violence by the media.

Despite this, regions where the Constitution is respected are far freer from gun violence than those where the right to self-defense is denied. You only have to compare Houston to Chicago to understand that. Nevertheless, there have been gun grabs in this country perpetrated by local governments against their citizens. People have had their homes invaded by police, been beaten, and had their guns illegally confiscated.

Should this happen in your area, the best thing you can do is tell the police where your guns are stored and allow them to retrieve them on their own- otherwise they may use lethal force against you.

The founding fathers of our country knew from hard experience that it is necessary for a population to be armed in order to prevent a government that has been infiltrated by tyrants from spoiling the liberty they so carefully constructed. It is our responsibility to our fellow citizens that we keep and maintain arms and that we are practiced in the responsible and effective use of these arms. That does not mean guns only, but with the state of technology being what it is, guns are an important part of any collection of defensive equipment.

In the debate over gun rights, liberals often mock pro-gun advocates saying, “The Constitution only protects your right to have a musket.” While they are saying this largely out of ignorance in an attempt to shame and embarrass, there is some truth to the claim. The fact is that black powder guns, muzzleloaders, and cap and ball weapons made from designs dating back to the late 18th century are not legally considered firearms.

Vendors, manufacturers, and distributors do not need to have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to make, sell, transport or exchange these guns. You can have them shipped directly to your home with no barrier other than the cost of the item. Best of all, there is no list any government agency can use to track down the owners of these guns for the purpose of confiscation.

You’re probably thinking antique weapon designs are no replacement for modern guns, and you’re right. However, it’s worth keeping in mind these guns were used to fight wars and settle disputes. Famous gunfighters like Wild Bill Hickok were well known for using the Colt revolvers to kill other gunfighters. Hickok once made a 70 yard shot to an opponent’s heart, killing the man in an impromptu duel over a gambling dispute using a cap and ball revolver. That kind of power and accuracy is enough to make a practiced wielder into a formidable opponent.

What’s more, you do not have to use cap and ball loads on these guns. There are cartridge conversion cylinders that allow you to transform a cap and ball revolver into what is called a “cowboy action” shooter. That means faster loading.

These guns are inexpensive. A reproduction Colt costs between $200 and $300, and the conversion cylinder runs about $250. That means you can have a high-quality single action revolver for under $500. It’s yours for cost and shipping, and no one will ever come to take it from you. And you don’t have to find an antique gun. Companies like Pietta and Uberti make new replicas that are sometimes better than the original models.

Becoming competent with these guns takes practice- especially if you use them with cap and ball loads. But it’s worth it if you appreciate the beauty and historic value of these beautiful and classic weapons.

Our recommendation is the Colt 1851 Navy, (Yankee version). No gun ever made fits better in the hand, and it is a truly graceful weapon.

~ American Gun News

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