Concealed Carry Tips that Can Save Your Life

Concealed carry licensing and training, can prepare you for how to care for, load, and use your weapon safely in a necessary situation. Even though you have completed your training, it is always important to learn more about concealed carry practices and tips so that you will be able to handle any concealed carry situation that may arise. If you are a concealed carry owner, follow these tips below that could ultimately save your life.

Training Matters More than the Equipment You Have

Having the training will help you know how to respond when a situation occurs that is intense and out of the norm. Being properly trained will help you handle the situation more so than the amount of ammunition or gun accessories you have.

Additionally, you will want to make sure your training involves knowing when the situation will arise for you to pull your weapon. When you pull your weapon, you will be heightening a situation so part of your training should include knowing when the situation calls for you to draw your weapon.

Make Sure Your Holster Provides for an Easy Draw

When you are in a situation where you will need to pull your gun, odds are it will need to be done quickly. Having a holster that makes your gun challenging to retrieve or slows your draw can cause a situation to quickly get out of your hands and back into the assailant’s.

Find a holster that fits well and works well for drawing. Practice often by removing your gun quickly from the holster in a simulated draw situation during your training. Make sure you never use a holster that you have not practiced with and are not comfortable quickly drawing your weapon from.

When Choosing Your Gun, Comfort and Confidence is Important to Help You Operate it

Many gun owners feel like it is essential to get the most firepower possible for their concealed carry weapon, but unfortunately, the higher caliber weapons can sometimes be uncomfortable or harder to operate. You will want to make sure that the weapon you choose is natural for you to hold, draw, aim, and shoot. Once you have found ones that you can comfortably handle, choose the one that will give you the most confidence in the event of a necessary force situation.

Know the Laws of the Area and Legal Consequences Associated With When You Pull Your Gun

Every time you pull your weapon, you will need to be aware of what the legal consequences of the action will be. Depending on the state you are in you may have different legal rights when utilizing your weapon or may be required to take different steps before discharging your weapon in different situations. Prepare yourself for having to speak with the police or a lawyer if you must discharge your weapon and make sure all of your bases are covered.

Train to Shoot With Each of Your Hands

It is essential to learn to shoot with only one hand for a concealed carry situation. There are many times you may need to be using the other hand such as pushing people out of the way, moving a child, or even grappling with an assailant. Learning only a two-handed stance not only will raise your risk of being shot, it will also make you less maneuverable. It is also important to be sure to train with both your dominant and non-dominant hand so that you can easily use either in the event one becomes disabled.

You should also prepare for things such as clearing a malfunction one handed and loading with one hand to make sure you are ready for any situation.

When You Are in a Concealed Carry Situation, Wait Your Turn

While this may sound like an unusual statement, there are good and bad times to pull your weapon in a situation. You should always avoid drawing a gun against a gun aimed at you since the assailant will have the upper hand at this point. In most situations, an assailant will ambush you get what they want such as money and then move to someone else or become distracted after they have got what they need. This is the best time for you to ambush and draw on them to gain control of the situation.

Don’t get caught in a situation that you cannot control, try the concealed carry tips above to help ensure your safety and allow you to maintain the upper hand in a concealed carry situation.

~ American Gun News

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