Are Gun Sales Really Down under the Trump Presidency?

The mainstream media assures us that the gun industry is doomed because firearm sales are down under President Trump. CNBC claims that gun sales have dropped 50 percent since last year, CNN Money reports that President Trump is hurting gun sales and Fortune magazine says the president is directly to blame for the “massive gun sales decline.” Like everything the media tells us these days, this is a bald faced lie.

So are gun sales really down under the Trump presidency? The correct answer is: Yes, slightly — but only if you compare the figures to the all-time record-high sales year of 2016.

It’s important to remember that Democrats live in the land of make-believe and they always have. Today the left has its modern-day “prophet,” former Vice President Al Gore (D-TN), who believes that air conditioning will bring about a global weather apocalypse any day now.

In the 19th century the Democrats gave us Vice President Richard Mentor Johnson (D-KY), a guy who believed that the earth was hollow and who wanted to spend taxpayer money to send troops to “Hollow Earth” so he could conquer it.

Just the other day, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) assured us that it is perfectly okey-dokey for an elder statesman of the Democrat Party to show up to meetings with female staffers wearing only his underpants.

Unfortunately for “the party of science,” we have almost 20 years’ worth of NICS background check figures compiled now, so they can’t get away with lying to us about gun sales.

You have to understand that 2016 was an unusual year when it comes to gun sales. Americans went through 27,538,673 background checks that year. That’s 4.5 million more gun sales than we had in 2015, the previous record year. (Yes, we understand that just because an NICS background check is made does not mean that a firearm is actually sold, but the figures are close enough that they serve as a good guide to overall sales.)

A better question than “Why are gun sales slightly down in 2017?” is, “Why were gun sales so incredibly high in 2016?”

The most anti-gun president in American history was going through his last year in office in 2016. Everyone was rightly worried about this, because the Obama administration was threatening to strip everyone from social security recipients to student loan holders of their gun rights.

Obama spent seven-plus years using every backdoor method and executive order he could think of in his attempts to take firearms away from law-abiding conservatives. Obama used the EPA to regulate the last domestic American lead smelting operation into bankruptcy and he even tried to ban common AR-15 ammunition. There was a very real chance that Hillary Clinton would manage to steal the 2016 election and follow in Obama’s gun-grabbing footsteps. The gun-buying frenzy of 2016 was in anticipation of the fact that we could have soon been living under the nightmare of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Plus, the Democrats finally let their masks slip in 2016 so we could see who they have really been all along. Full-blown cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome caused Democrats to begin attacking everyday Americans in the streets for the “crime” of wearing a MAGA hat.

Americans watched Antifa pepper-spraying little kids, pelting housewives with rocks, beating men with shovels and clubs, punching elderly Republicans and calling us all “Nazis.” Many people viewed that footage (thanks to YouTube, rather than the mainstream media) and said to themselves, “Okay, it’s finally time to buy a gun.” So thank you for showing people who you really are, Democrats!

As a matter of fact, gun makers and gun stores can pretty much thank the Democrat Party for every single big jump in gun sales over the past decade. Gun sales had plateaued at about 8.5 million per year during the Bush administration. But then in 2006, Democrats won control of the House and Senate. As soon as they started promising to take all of our guns away, firearm sales began increasing by one to two million every year.

In 2009, Americans suddenly bought 14 million firearms to celebrate Obama’s first year in office. By 2013, the first year of Obama’s second term in office, the number was up to 21 million. Obama’s actions did nothing to slow down gun sales and so during his last year in office, Americans collectively bought 27.5 million firearms.

The truth is that we will probably close out 2017 with around 25 million gun sales in America, which is still a 300 percent sales increase since 2005 and the second-highest all-time year of sales. The numbers are a little bit down during President Trump’s first year in office, but your favorite gun store is probably not in danger of closing its doors anytime soon.

~ American Gun News

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